To rent a car, you need two documents. Your driving licence and another document with photo (ID card or passport) as well as a credit card issued to your name, used to block the amount of deposit.

All new customers are required to pay the deposit. Regular customers may be released from the obligation to block their funds every time they rent the car. Details of such release will be presented to you by a GT Rent employee.

We do not charge a resignation fee. Please inform us about the resignation as soon as possible.

If the car is returned earlier, we will reimburse the funds for the unused rental days.

You will be charged with the excess mileage charge. You may avoid additional costs by choosing packages with increased mileage or asking for individual rental appraisal.

While booking a car on our website you book a given group of vehicles. If your selected car is not available in the selected dates, we will offer you a car from another group.

While booking, you can choose additional options, such as a child seat.

If you give us your flight number while booking a car with pick up at the airport, we will be ready for possible delays and we will arrive to the airport after your plane has landed.

We do not collect advances upon booking. You can pay for rental when you book the car, although this is not required.

We collect deposits only with a payment card issued to your name.

The deposit will be returned at the moment you return the car. The deposit charged in the form of funds blocking is returned to the account within 2-3 working days after it is released.

All our cars are covered with the third party liability and casco insurance.

In the event of a damage to the rented car, the user is required to notify the damage to the insurance company. In such case, the user will be charged with a deductible amount. It is a fixed sum of PLN 1000.

If you inform us about your intention to drive abroad, you do not bear any extra costs. You can drive our cars only within the borders of the European Union.

You can extend your rental period by contacting our employee. We ask you to contact our hotline no later than 24h before the end of the paid rental period.

Our cars are covered with an assistance package. Each event is analysed individually. Please contact the technical support hotline.

Our cars can be driven by a person indicated as driver in the rental contract. Registering an additional driver is free of charge.

The returned car should be clean and refuelled to the same level as when it was picked up. We offer a car wash package, releasing the user from the obligation to clean the vehicle.

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