Hybrid Cars

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Choose the GT Rent car rental company and rent a modern hybrid car. Our offer includes state-of-the-art models with the electric and combustion engine. Enjoy an environmentally-friendly ride and increase the range of your car thanks to the double drive. Renting a hybrid car means lower fuel costs, so why not to visit one of our locations? Warsaw has a dense network of EV fast charging stations, so you can charge your battery any time you want. GT Rent hybrid cars are available both for long-term rental and for the weekend. If you are thinking of buying your own hybrid car and you want to test it in everyday use, there is no better method than the long-term car hire.

Get to know all the advantages of hybrid cars and – should you have any questions concerning the offer – contact us at the phone number 533-111-164 or via e-email at info@www.gtrent.pl.

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