Short-term Rental

Short-term rental with GT Rent is an attractive alternative for public transport or moving around the city in taxis. Short-term rental gives you independence and mobility, impossible to achieve with any other means of transport. Our car rental company has a wide short-term rental offer plus promotional offers for weekend rentals. Regardless of whether you search for a small urban car to move around crowded city streets or you need a spacious SUV for a family weekend trip – at GT Rent, you will find new cars (no older than 12 months old) with high trim levels. We have cars in every segment, to meet our every customer’s expectations. With short-term car rental you do not need to check timetables or taxi fares. You know the cost of rental right from the beginning and, in the event of an unexpected breakdown or collision, you are protected with the double Assistance package. We will immediately provide a courtesy car so that you do not have to stop. To book a car, call or e-mail us.

You can make bookings and ask all questions at: 533-111-164 or via an e-mail message at:

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