Sports Cars

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Although we mostly appreciate functionality, our offer also includes vehicles that were created to stir the emotions. At GT Rent, we have such cars for rental. If you like dynamic, sporty driving style, you will not be deceived. Feel the extra power in a standard car, such as Hyundai i30 N, and let yourself be surprised by its dynamics and performance. Renting a sports car is also a perfect gift idea. If one of your dears usually drives a normal car, you can present them with a short-term, weekend rental of a car that will allow them to rediscover the pleasure of driving. Cars rented by GT Rent are new (no older than 12 months) and have high trim levels. Or maybe you are planning to buy a more powerful car and you want to see how does it feel to drive such a vehicle? Rent a sports car for the weekend or choose the long-term rental offer and see if this is the car for you.

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