Urban Cars

Available models: 5

If you plan to travel to a large city by public transport but, once arrived, you want to move around comfortably in a car, you will find no better short-term car rental option than GT Rent. Our fleet includes modern urban cars, perfect for driving on crowded streets. Don’t spend money on taxis and contact our car rental company. Warsaw is a vast agglomeration, which makes travelling around on your own four wheels the easiest option. If your car is too big for narrow streets of the capital or you arrived to Warsaw by public transport, short-term or long-term car rental is an optimum solution. You do not need to check the urban transport timetables or spend your money on taxis. Moreover, as a driver you are optimally covered due to our double Assistance insurance. Visit a GT Rent location, get to know our offer and choose an agile, urban car – a perfect solution for the city.

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